What is meant by Sampling?

IQAs are responsible for monitoring the quality of assessment through the sampling of assessment practices and decisions.

The IQA should specify the size of the sample of assessed work that they wish to review.

When deciding the scope of the sample the IQA should consider:-

1. The number of registered learners

2. The number of certificates claimed

3. The number of satellite centres operating from the centre and their location

4. The centre’s track record in complying with our requirements and any agreed action plans

The sample of work should always be sufficient for the IQA to form a view on the consistency and validity of the assessment decisions made by assessors in an approved centre.

When sampling assessed work, an IQA should identify evidence that shows:-

1. Assessment tasks appropriate for the qualification and the learners

2. Assessment decisions are fair and consistent

3. Assessors are giving learners constructive feedback on the work they produce

4. Accurate assessment records are maintained by assessors