What is meant by standardisation?

Below are guidelines from TQUK Awarding Organisation

Standardisation activities in approved centres are used to ensure that all learners registered on a TQUK
qualification are given the same opportunities to achieve. Standardisation practices should be undertaken by all
approved centre staff that deliver or assess on a particular qualification.
Any standardisation activities that centres’ undertake must be documented. TQUK approved centres should keep
auditable, well maintained records that show the standardisation activities that have taken place. Records can
include minutes of meetings, peer observations of assessors, CPD activities etc.
These records may be requested by TQUK external quality assurers.
It is vital that all centre staff asses a qualification to the same standard. This means that standardisation activities
should be undertaken regularly. The purpose of standardisation is to:-
1. Identify the type and amount of evidence learners need to produce to ensure they achieve or meet the set
TQUK grading criteria
2. Ensure all assessors/ tutors/ trainers have similar expectations of their learners and agree what is/ is not
acceptable evidence
3. Decide on assessment methods to use for learners to meet the criteria (if not already set by TQUK).
Standardisation normally takes place in the form of a meeting. The standardisation meeting will be attended by all
staff that deliver and assess on a particular qualification. The centre IQA will chair and lead the standardisation
The meeting may take place monthly, quarterly, after or just before an EQA visit. Standardisation can also be
undertaken at the end of a qualification.
Suggested points to be covered in an agenda for standardisation meeting may include:-
1. Attendees
2. Actions from previous standardisation meetings
3. Progression and achievement of learners
4. Sampling and discussing examples of learners work
5. Good practice from delivery and assessing staff
6. External and Internal quality assurance reports
7. Review and updates of centre policies and procedures
8. Centre updates
9. TQUK updates
10. Date of next meeting
Standardisation can also take place using peer observations between delivery and assessor staff members. Centres
should undertake a range of standardisation activities to ensure learners are given equal and fair access to achieve
a qualification.
Centres should keep minutes of meetings and attendance reg