What should IQA arrangements include?

IQA arrangements must include as a minimum:

1. A planned structure for internal quality assurance activities including a sampling strategy and/or plan

2. An agreed and published annual timetable for internal verification activities, including standardisation meetings, observations on centre staff members etc

3. Clear and documented roles and responsibilities for all those involved in delivering and assessing on a qualification

4. Sampling of assessment tasks and assessed work

5. Full and clear records and action plans

All new tutors/assessors must be given a robust induction regarding the provision, processes and practices undertaken in a approved centre.

It is essential that all tutors/assessors:-

1. Have all the relevant units, assessment materials and other course documents for any qualification they deliver or assess

2. Understand the assessment requirements and procedures for any qualification they deliver or assess

3. Have access to training opportunities and support materials regarding centre and AO practices, policies and procedures

4. Are aware of and adhere to the sampling and standardisation activities that are undertaken in the centre by an internal verifier, which include; reviewing the quality and consistency of assessor judgements by sampling assessments, sampling evidence of performance and assessment decisions and looking at assessment records

5. Ensure that resources allocated to the qualifications a centre offers are adequate to deliver and/or assess in order to meet the needs of the learner and qualification

6. Know the procedure to undertake to request more resources when required from centre management

7. Ensure they maintain clear, auditable and up to date records on their learners, for purposes of internal quality assurance