We have developed a number of Games over the years, and below we share our best games.

Do you have a better game? Let us know and we will share it below!


Aim: recap on subjects learnt in training

Equipment Required: Flip Chart, Pens

How to play: The game is based on the TV game show. We split the group in to 2 teams and pick a team captain from each.

Pick a subject such as the Primary Survey, this has 5 points (Danger, Response, Help, Airway Breathing) this is a good starter round to show how the game works. Read our the question to the team captains only.

Ask the two team captains to say their name as soon as they know an answer. If the first answer is Danger (top answer) then that team captain decides to try and answer the remaining questions with the rest of their team, or pass to let the other team fill in missing answers. If the captain has not got the top answer, then the other captain gets to answer, if this is above the previous answer, then they decide to play or pass. So for example first answer is Help, the second answer is Response, second answer can decide to play or pass.

Once a playing team has been decided they have 3 lives. If they complete the remaining answers without using up all 3 lives, they win that round. If they use all 3 lives (1 life per wrong answer) the other team gets to give an answer. If they get a correct remaining answer they win the round.

Be advised there is no conferring on answers when a team is playing, the team can only confer if they get a chance to steal the round when all 3 lives have been used.

Start at the captain, and move up the group, so everyone gets to answer before going back to the team captain.

Notes: We have foundthis a very effective game to use at the end of a L2 EFAW. It can get competitive. You can also use Signs and Symptoms for your Answers, as well as any other items, such as treatment for Choking.

Development: if you have a run away team, have a double points round

Unsure how to play this game, contact us if you have any questions.


Aim: recap on subjects learnt in training

Equipment Required: Flip Chart, Pens, scores on each subject via manual.

How to play: This game is based on the tv game show Pointless. It is a useful way to draw out more unknown answers from your group, as it requires them to give low scoring answers. For example a well known symptom of Heart Attacks is Central Chest Pains, a less well known symptom would be pale/grey in colour.

Initial rounds: The group is split in to pairs. The first few rounds are the same, and aimed to reduce down the pairs to just two. Each pair pics someone to go first. You move up the groups asking them to give an answer, remembering the lowest answer is best. I start with First Aid boxes as there is a lot of answers. Once one member from each pair has answered your move to the second person in the group the answered last, and move up to the pair that answered first.

Incorrect answers get 100 points.

Take both scores and add them together. The losing pair is the one with the highest score. I would advise subjects with lots of answers for these initial rounds. How you score them is up to you. As long as no answer is more than 100. For example plasters may be 90, and burns dressing may be 10. 

Head to Head: Once you have done enough rounds to end up with 2 pairs, you now have a head to head round. The pair is allowed to confer and the lowest scoring team from the previous round goes first. Any subject can be used, and you can even have a picture round using different types of cut (abrasion, contusion, velocity, etc).

Once a pair has won 2 rounds, they are the final pair.

Final: The pair is allowed to confer, and you can give them 2/3 subjects to chose from. I tend to use causes of spinal injury (fall from height, diving in to a swimming pool, etc), types of wounds (velocity, puncture, etc). They need to give 3 answers, and pick the least and most likely to be pointless. Allow all other pairs to come up with one answer also. A time limit can be used.

Once you have 3 answers from the final pair, take one answer from each other pair. Then score all answers, starting with the finalists. Remember to ensure subjects picked have at least one pointless answer.

Notes: We have found this a very effective game to use at the end of a L3 FAW. It can get competitive.

Development: for small groups teams have to lose 2 rounds at the initial stage to go out.

Unsure how to play this game, contact us if you have any questions.


What position? (Aim: develop understanding of what positions a casualty should be in)

Post up 4 pictures around the room (laying down, head raised | laying down legs raised |w position | sat on a chair) Ask the group to move to the picture they would put a casualty in based on their injuries, illness. This is a useful game for areas such as shock.

First Aid Drop (Aim: 50/50 game for recaping)

Split the group up in to groups of 3, use a subject that overlaps its answers, such as Asthma and Anaphlaxis. Get the team to decide if a sign/symptom is either Asthma, Anaphlaxis or Both and stand next to the relevant answer. They get one point for each member stood by the correct answer.