Trainer/Assessor Observations

one of our IQA professionals will visit your centre, appraise your trainer/assessor and provide a full report.

This is required on an annual basis, and also ensures all trainers offer a standardised delivery process, and use relevant resources.

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Internal verification of assessment records

We provide checks on paperwork to ensure your trainers/assessors are offering a high standard of delegate feedback, and meeting learning objectives. 

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Centre visits / Standardisation Meetings

Are you about to receive a EQA visit from your Awarding Organisation? We can carry out a centre action plan, to ensure areas such as delegate information is correct and secured appropriately, and you have all relevant policies and procedures, trainer/assessor documentation is up to date and your centre is providing up to date information and support to both delegates and trainers/assessors.

You should also be carrying out regular Standardisation Meetings, we can help assist with this, and you can join our group video conference and discuss updates / issues with a qualified IQA professional and other training centres.

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